Enroll At HQ Barbering Institute May 08 2013

The Head Quarters Barbering Institute is a state licensed program that prepares students to take the Connecticut State Board exam to become licensed barbers. This program is offered as a full-time (10-12 months) or part-time (12-18 months) curriculum. After successful completion of 1,500 hours of training, students graduate and receive their diplomas. Upon graduation students are eligible to take the licensing examination of the State of Connecticut.

Throughout your training, you will have the opportunity to practice your skills on hundreds of diverse clients. All curriculum is designed to provide students with classroom instruction and hands-on experience—creating a unique learning environment.

At the HQ Barbering Institute, we believe that professional styling services must go beyond mere esthetics. Our program embodies a balanced view of success that encompasses professionalism, respect, and community service.



HQ Barbering Institute is a 3000 square foot air-conditioned State of the art facility. HQ Barbering Institute is one the largest and most modern schools of this type in the Fairfield County Area. The classroom area and also the practical training area are second to none. The Facility includes a six station on-site training salon. 

The classroom has the functionality for class lectures as well as computer testing via CD-rom. There is also a large screen television for instructional video viewing. Both areas are very spacious which makes for a comfortable learning atmosphere.

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